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Ivy Setordjie,  2024-06-04

Star Oil Board Chair inaugurates renovated emergency unit at Worawora Government Hospital

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The renovated expanded Emergency and Accident Unit of the Worawora Government Hospital in the Biakoye District of the Oti Region sponsored by Star Oil, a leading oil marketing company in Ghana, has been inaugurated to improve quality healthcare in the district and the entire Oti Region.

Addressing the gathering, which included the Oti Regional Director of Health, Municipal and District Directors of Health, traditional authorities, the Medical Superintendent, staff, and residents, the Board Chairman of Star Oil, Torgbui Xornametor, known in private life as Mr Vincent Kaledzi, expressed profound gratitude and personal connection to the hospital.

He recounted his family's history as migrant fisher folks in the 1960s, who relied heavily on Worawora Hospital for their healthcare needs.

"Whenever duty calls on us to extend a helping hand to the home that once fed me and my family, it brings great joy," Torgbui Xornametor stated. "This hospital was our messiah as far as our health needs were concerned. It has always been my heartfelt desire to support the upkeep and smooth running of this facility."

Board Chairman of Star Oil, Torgbui Xornametor [ Mr Vincent Kaledzi].
According to Torgbui Xornametor [Mr Vincent Kaledzi], this is not the first time Star Oil has contributed to Worawora Hospital.

''Previously, the company played a key role in renovating the Pediatric Unit. The current focus on the Emergency Unit reflects Star Oil's ongoing commitment to enhancing healthcare services in the region"he said.

The expanded role of the Worawora Regional Hospital, now serving an entire region beyond its original small catchment area, underscores the critical need for upgraded facilities.

Torgbui Xornametor emphasised the importance of the Emergency Unit in determining patient outcomes, noting that the quality of emergency care significantly impacts the overall quality of life.

"We hope that this facility, having been upgraded to an ultramodern status, will rewrite the narrative about our morbidity and mortality data, as well as the quality of life of the people in its catchment zone," he said.

He urged the hospital's management and staff to maintain the new unit diligently and ensure it fulfils its potential to provide top-notch emergency care.

The inauguration marks a new chapter for the Worawora Government Hospital, promising improved healthcare services for the community and setting a benchmark for healthcare standards in the region.

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